Simple Psychology. A step by step explanation on information processing.

Hey guys, this site explains how people process information in simple terms and give great examples.

For example, they compare our minds functions to how a computer functions. When the computer first came out, it gave the cognitive psychologists an analogy to explain and compare a human’s mind. They called this the computer analogy. They explain how, like computers, we take in information or encode it, store it, use and “produce an output”.

This site explains information processing in easy terms to understand, i hope you like it !

~Sara Ahmad


One thought on “Simple Psychology. A step by step explanation on information processing.

  1. This site provides great examples on Information Processing it references the invention of the computer in relation to the human mind. With our eyes as visual aids, we code information back into our brains, such as the computer stores data. Our brain codes in the following order input, storage, and output in the same manner in which computer’s process information. There are also limitations in the comparison between computers and human’s because we function on our emotions and motivations.

    ~Jessica E.


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