Holistic (Eyewitness) view & Gestalt Approach


So, as I was going over chapter one, specifically the Gestalt Psychology, my brain suddenly connected it to something I studied last semester, which I think is somehow related.

In eyewitness identifications it is known that our brain does not remember the details of the aggression, so the witness, when showed a chart with many faces (which usually look alike), should immediately recognize the face as our brain stored the face Holistically. By that, psychologist mean that the brain, in a stressful and dangerous situation, does not elaborates details but only see the face as a whole.

My connecting thought might not be clear,(it is kind of hard to explain). I personally think, and it is scientifically proved that we are made to first see and recognize the whole, and discern the parts from it.

According to this thought I found an interesting quote:

Reality is nothing but
The sum of all the awareness
As you experience here and now
The ultimate of science thus appears
As Husserl’s unit of phenomenon
And Ehrenfeld’s discovery:
The irreducible phenomenon of all
Awareness, the one he named
And we still call
(Perls, 1969b, p.30)

I believe the real meaning of it could be that the whole world actually intersects with itself, or better, the parts it’s made of are all connected each other. Likewise, human studies, theories and all subjects related to the brain mechanisms are also connected.

Even though Pearl’s Gestalt theory and therapy was more spiritual, the holism is still the foundation of his thought, as it is the one of our ability to visualize things.

I hope I made clear my points, and that you guys appreciate the connection!