The Man With A 30 Second Memory

Clive Wearing is completely unable to form lasting new memories, his memory only lasts between 7 and 30 seconds.  Every time he sees his wife Deborah, he greets her excitedly every time they meet. This is related to what was discussed in class because it have to do with memory.  He’s unable to ask himself, have I seen/heard this before?


6 thoughts on “The Man With A 30 Second Memory

  1. This is a really interesting video. I just want to know if him playing the piano is being effected because he seems to know how to do it and not forget.


  2. I like this video. Since they mention in the video that each time he sees his wife it is like he is seeing her for the first time in a long time and we see him looking at their old picture from when they were young, i wonder if he can slightly remember the part of his past when he learned how to piano and when he was with his wife all those years ago since only remembers the past version of her in their picture since they are the only two things he remembers.

    ~ A.W


  3. My question is how can he remember how to play the piano if he forgets his memory every 30 seconds.. Perhaps the nueros in his brain helps him and play the piano because they like the affect of it. It was said that the neuros get use to the feelings when someone does drugs, can this be the same affect?


  4. This video is so sad. I also found the fact that he remembers how to play the piano interesting. I wonder what caused this to happen to him and perhaps if their is anything being studied in the medical end to address this issue.


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