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Hey guys, so lets say what we see. Each image can be perceived differently. This is also a fun game to play with friends.

After a few posts/Comments, I’ll tell everyone what they are supposed to be looking for.

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  1. The first image I see a woman with like a fur shawl, her face turned to the side, and a feather.
    The second a man standing with his back to us, with 7 men/women at a table.
    The third, a woman.

    I’m curious what other people see!



  2. I see both a woman and a Lion in the first, in the second one I see the same man and in the third I kind of see a man stunned on the side playing a sax or an instrument


  3. Hi all, these images are interesting.
    I think it all depends in the way your’re viewing it and how many things our minds can come up with or recall.
    In the first picture I see the lady with the feather looking to her right but then I if you look very carefully you can see a old lady looking down. If you cover the darker area, and look at the white, it looks like a bird/eagle.
    The second picture, clearly to me looks like there’s one man facing 7 people. In the third image, the first thing that I saw and came to mind was a man with a saxophone. However after reading previous comment I see the face of the lady.

    This shows how people can change anothers perception!


  4. I found this post to be extremely interesting because this is a quick and simple way to show how we each have a different perception. I remember when I had to do a group activity just like this one in which an image had other images and everyone saw something different. According to your pictures, for the first image I see an older woman with a pointed chin and she has a feather in her hair. For the second image I see a man conducting a conference, people are around a table. For the third image I see an outline of a man with his hand to his mouth, as if he was thinking.


  5. After looking at this post, it is definitely interesting how we all perceive everything so differently. Yet, with the help with others we are also able to see what they see. This post also reminds me of what some of us might of learned in Psych 101.

    In the first image:
    I see a young women away, but I also see an old lady facing forwards/or sideways.
    In the second image:
    I see a man giving a speech to a group of men sitting at a table
    In the third image:
    I see a young woman facing forward, but also see a man playing the sax.


  6. So everyone did a great job in finding The first and third images. The middle/second image however seemed like more of a challenge, Hopefully someone gets it!


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