Happy Sunday EVERYONE!  For those of you that are interested in other neurological disorders, here is a 60 minutes segment about Prosopagnosia. Also referred to as face blindness, this cognitive disorder impairs the ability to recognize faces. What is even more interesting is that individuals can suffer from this disorder while all other aspects of visual processing and intellectual functioning remains unaffected.

If this topic or particular disorder sounds familiar it is because Profo touched on the subject in class the other day.

ANYWHOO Tomorrow is Monday, SUIT UP YA’LL!



One thought on “Prosopagnosia

  1. Many of us take for granted being able to recognize faces. Many of the people interviewed thought they were normal and just bad with faces. It gets you thinking on how “ignorance is bliss” at certain times. This subject is relatively new to the science world and hopefully they are able to find a method on helping those whom suffer from this condition. I wouldn’t know what to do if I weren’t able to recognize my own self in the mirror.

    Thanks for posting! ✌️


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