Hippocampus and memory

As we have talked about different parts of the brain and their function in today’s class, I got interested in patients with brain damage and found this article. The patient in this article is Henry Molaison, and most of you may know him already as ‘HM’ patient. He had suffered from epileptic seizures, and removed hippocampus to reduce seizures. Although his seizure did reduce significantly, he suffered from anterograde amnesia since the surgery. It is really fascinating to see how this small part of the brain is responsible for one of the most important functions in our daily life!


One thought on “Hippocampus and memory

  1. I watched a video about him. It was really amazing how his short term memory was lost. He would always introduce himself to the doctors and nurses everyday as if it were his first time meeting them. The video I watched described him to be very eager since he had a severe case of Retrograde memory. Then the next day his brain just reset again. Here is the video if you are interested.


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