Introspecting: My Internal Teacher

Introspecting is a daily habit of mine that has helped me cope better with general and stressful experiences.  I join my introspecting with reflection so that in the future I act or react to situations with a better frame of mind and with the intention to lead the matter in a positive direction. I consider introspecting to be my internal teacher because it guides me to make rational decisions in how I think and behave.  It helps me think objectively about what I observe and experience (even when it includes me) and also guides my attitude and demeanor. At some points during these past years, introspecting has gotten aggravating because I would be in certain situations where I just wanted to be right, but my habit of reflection and objectivity (or maybe it was my conscious) would always be remind me if, when and why I was wrong.

I have not only learned and applied valuable lessons to my life, I have also been able to heal from childhood traumas.  Introspecting has allowed me the ability to deeply understand people’s actions and motives. I am better able to understand people I work with, live with and socialize with and that is powerful.

-Melissa E Reyes