Perception is within us: We choose to believe, What we see individually.

Hey Class!

At birth we are all blessed with a unique gift, that gift being our minds. When we see something our eyes pick up a signal, the signals are then sent to the mind, where the visual becomes clear to us. Perception explains that whatever we see, we process and believe. I saw this interesting picture of a duck/rabbit, and it left me thinking. As I viewed the image, the first thing that came to mind was a duck, but then I saw the rabbit as well. When I first glanced at the photo, I looked at it from left to right, starting with the ducks beak then following his head and eyes. I was convinced that it was a duck! but then looking at it again from right to left, I saw ears, eyes and then the rabbit’s nose. Gestalts psychology explains that we process things as a whole, stating that because of perception, whatever our mind see’s we choose to believe. I found this picture interesting to share with the class, because it explains that we all think and process information differently and in a unique way.

Thank you and enjoy!

Julio C Rodriguez