Brain Seizures

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Last class and the long, very interesting, time spent on the study and analysis of the brain, made me want to go even deeper and really try to understand the mechanisms of brain seizures.

I found this link very interesting because it explains the different parts of a brain seizures and how they take place in our brain.

To me, acknowledging that sometimes people might be aware of what is about to happen is very scary, also because we may or may not be able to help it or take medicines that would avoid it.

Another interesting thing to me is that our brain is able to earn us that there is something wrong going on between our nerves and cells, and it probably only wants to protect itself.



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  1. Having seizures are no joke. I started having seizures 2yrs ago after I gave birth to my daughter and until this day, my neurologist is still unable to tell me what’s causing my seizures. I haven’t had seizures in 8 months but I do having a lot of black outs and black outs are minor seizures. The website that you post is really good. What really caught my attention was the Epilepsy Inherited statement, “Those who do develop epilepsy may be more likely to have a history of seizures in their family.” I was never diagnosed with epilepsy but this was interested to me because I have an older cousin that have epilepsy and just like me, she started having seizures after she gave birth to her daughter. Another thing that was interested to me was the common symptoms before seizures and one common symptom listed was, “Strange Feelings.” At times I can tell when I’m about to have a seizure, I can’t describe it because it’s just that, a strange feeling.

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