The affect Alzheimer’s has on the frontal lobes part of the brain.

As we learned, the frontal lobes is located right behind our foreheads. The frontal lobes are responsible for any movements, judgment, planning or usage of memory. If this part of the brain is lost, it can cause many problems with one’s character, memorization and even maturity. Below, you will find a diagram of different stages, one’s brain undergoes as they age. I found this picture interesting, because personality my grandmother is a victim of Alzheimer’s. As we look at the photo, you can see that in the “normal” example, all the components of the cerebral cortex are full and well. The next stage, being the “mild cognitive impairment” shows the cerebral decaying little by little (changing). In the final stage “Alzheimer’s as you can see, the brain starts to lose most of it’s components, and a “black” hole of emptiness is created. After viewing this visual and learning about the different parts of the brain in class, I now have a better understanding of why my grandmother, cannot recognize or acknowledge anything I tell her.

Julio C. Rodriguez


3 thoughts on “The affect Alzheimer’s has on the frontal lobes part of the brain.

  1. Upon reading this, and seeing that your grandmother was affected by Alzheimer’s I decided to do research on who is primarily affected by the disease. Its stated that woman are more affected then males, and age itself does not cause the disease. In some families it is also a strong genetic factor, where some children may develop the disease of their affected parent. Its onset is low usually from ages 35 to 60 it can usually be detected. It was also interesting to see how the brain is affected by Alzheimer’s in the image above.


  2. After reading this post, the pervious comment, and as well as past research, It is interesting to see how Alzheimer’s affects the brain. My grandmother as well suffers from it and now also knowing the women are affected more then men, it’s unfortunate that there is a possible chance that I myself can have this genetic factor. It creates a passion to learn more about Alzheimers.


  3. Alzheimer’s is truly bad for ones memory, thinking, and behavior. To be able to see the picture on how bad Alzheimer’s is on the brain is very interesting and the picture is amazing. It really helps me see so much.


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