The Divided Brain

Just explaining the brain and it’s functions with a fun twist. It made it way easier for me to watch the pictures and the explanation, and actually understand the functions of our brain. As well as the whole split brain stuff we were discussing in class.


2 thoughts on “The Divided Brain

  1. This was a great video that explained the concept of the left and right hemiphere of the brain. The narrator made a great point about how people always think that the left side of the hemisphere is the most important side since it allows us to focus on things such as logic, reading and writing. But I do agree with Dr. McGuilchrist. The right side of the brain is just as important as the left. The right hemisphere is the one that connects us together, gives us autobiographical memory, creates gesture, its the one that truly defines what it is to be “human”.


  2. I agree with Dr. Guildchrist’s response regarding people only valuing the left side of the brain. The right side of the brain serves important functions giving us gesture, autobiographical memory, a distinct tone of voice and most importantly creativity. Apart from the left hemisphere, the right hemisphere gives us a more “human like” distinctiveness. The left deals with logic and problem solving. All great but its about how we act and respond to situations is what makes people differ from other people and other species.


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