Auditory Perception

I came across this video that is just really adorable.  The video is based on 3yr old Grayson Clamp hearing people talk for the first time.  Grayson was born without the nerves in either of his ears causing him to be born death.  Him hearing people talk for the first, especially hearing his daddy say, “Daddy love you” is just priceless!!!!


One thought on “Auditory Perception

  1. Wow this is amazing! I think it is truly astonishing that we now know so much about the brain that miracles like this take place. Even though it the implants have been around for some time, giving a child the gift of hearing is most definitely the most rewarding. Knowing that he has a chance to live a normal life is just beyond happiness.. I just love his face when he heard his fathers voice for the first time, makes my heart melt!


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