“Girl Living With Half Her Brain”

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As I was trying to learn more about the brain, I came across this interesting video on youtube. This little girl was born very healthy, but unfortunately at the age of three, her life had changed drastically and the only way to save her was by removing half of her brain. She woke up like a normal child, and within an hour of her awakening, she would have seizures and they would occur more than 10 times a day sometimes. She constantly wore helmets because the seizures were so violent abd she would hurt. There was no response from the medication she took for three years and she was barely talking due to her lack of cognitive intelligence. She was later diagnosed with a syndrome called “Rasmussen’s Syndrome,” which is an autoimmune disease that causes destruction of one side of the brain. After her surgery and removal of one half of her brain at John Hopkin’s University Medical Center, she was only left with the right half of her brain which left her paralyzed on the left side of her body as well. It was truly challenging but she was able to re-learn whatever the brain had taken away. She was doing very well in school, and did not have seizures for almost 2 years after the surgery. Her life is a miracle according to the doctors and her loved ones.


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  1. This is extremely interesting and I believe it also proves the ability of the brain to recover, and to succumb to the missing parts. As it was mentioned in class, our brain has a very important characteristic, Plasticity, that helps brain cells to take over and change at any age. By changing, neural connections become either stronger or weaker, luckily her brain performed a positive improvement. So, due to her age, she was able to re-learn the abilities the left side of he brain used to perform.
    Neuro-plasticity is extremely important because it changes during our lifetime and determines the recovery of whoever suffered of brain seizures, surgeries or other traumas.


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