Bottom up processing VS Top down processing

While doing research on bottom up and top down processing, I believe that bottom up processing is connected with imagination, which is why the stimulus influences our perception, and then gives us an idea of what we are seeing. It kind of draws a picture for us to recognize anything we’ve seen close to it. With top down processing, I believe it’s our mind focusing, and using anything knowledge we’ve stored in it, to draw that picture and actually explain what it is we are seeing with context.

I found this video very useful to understand more of how both processing methods, work with one another to send signals to our brains, in order for us to perceive information.

Enjoy class!

Julio C Rodriguez


One thought on “Bottom up processing VS Top down processing

  1. Really cool video. I was wondering wouldn’t the first example with the cubes be perception and not bottom up because you already know what a cube and circle look like. It’s not something you have to think about, it’s just something that came to my mind.


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