This is a response to the videos posted about Cameron who had half her brain removed. I found this topic and video to be very interesting. It’s truly amazing to see how Cameron was able to recover even though there was that fear that half of her brain was being removed and whether she was going to recover or not. Till today it’s still amazing to know that if I lift my right arm up it’s because my left side of my brain is making that happen. Going back to Cameron’s brain I believe her left side of her brain was able to develop the functions of the right side because she was still young and her brain is still developing. I believe this one of the main reasons to why they gave her intense therapy and had her go to school so she wouldn’t stop learning. Many people are able to recover but according to article the opposite arm or vision is affected from the side of where half the brain was removed. The article explains how useful this surgery is and how it’s been practiced for many years. It’s usually the last result when medications and treatments don’t work for the patient and they see seizures are just becoming more severe.

This is the video of Cameron 

-Rosanna Reyes