The image above is a great visual definition to show how everyone’s perception is different from one another and how it relates to our in class discussions and chapters 1 & 2. Aside from the images we saw in class, I believe this is another great image where if we are asked How many long blocks are shown we would receive two different answers. When I first looked at the picture I saw three, and when I read the word four I was then able to see the four long blocks. On page 7, Galotti states, ” They believed that the mind imposes its own structure and organization on stimuli and, in particular, organizes perceptions into wholes rather than discrete parts” (Cognitive Psychology). This definition connects to the way I perceived the image when I first saw it, I generalized the image to just seeing 3 long blocks with one person on each side. However, when i took my time to analyze the long blocks on the floor i saw four. I then decided to play a trick with my mind in which I would read what the first person said which is “four” and  I would see the four blocks on the floor in less than 1 second and then read “three” from the other person and see the three immediately. This mainly happened because I already knew what I was looking for, it was just all about me visualizing it from the picture. Therefore, when someone looks at this picture they would either see three or four long blocks first.

-Rosanna Reyes