Playing an Instrument is Equivalent to a Full Body Workout for the Brain

I find it very powerful how music affects us.   Music can inspire and uplift. Music can help us concentrate at a relaxed level while studying and it help the adrenaline in our bodies rise while we are exercising.  Music can bring out the most happy feelings and it can also bring to surface lost memories.

I am sharing this great video on what happens to our brain while we are listening to music.  For those of us who have developed and nurtured our talent to play an instrument, you’ll be exited to find out how thankful our brain is.


2 thoughts on “Playing an Instrument is Equivalent to a Full Body Workout for the Brain

  1. This short clip was a wonderful explanation of what goes on in our brain while a musician is playing. Having been a drummer since the age of about six this really answered some questions that had been escaping me for some time. I find that in order of difficulty on the brain playing strokes that I know from heart is obviously cake, as I can loop through these strokes with very little effort. When I start to try to make up my own tunes I could only play for maybe 30 to 45 minuets when I was younger because I would experience head aches. The most difficult thing to do, I find is to read play and learn someone else’s notes all at the same time. In order for me to learn a new set I have to do it in fifteen minuet intervals so I can physically hold tone

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  2. This was a great video since it talks about how musicians have an advantage of communicating with the left and right hemisphere. In my developmental cognitive course, my professor discussed how it is important for a child during the prepubescent years to develop motor skills such as learning an instrument. Personally I do not know an instrument but I do know how to sing. I can say it helped me with memory and focusing. Other instruments such as piano or violin would have a much greater impact since there these instruments require reading music.

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