An Overview of Communication, Movement and Perception Difficulties after Stroke

Dark J, Sander R (2014) An overview of communication, movement and perception difficulties after stroke. Date of submission: February 3 2014. Date of acceptance: April 29 2014

This article was very interesting to me being that this is a Cognitive Psych class and this article relates to everything we have been discussing in class. Many of you are familiar with strokes, the impairment of one side of the body. What we didn’t know was how all the cognitive principles interact with the body when having a stroke. When you have a stroke you loose your cognitive communication,Aphasia, Dysarthria, Apraxia of speech , you develop Visual problems known as Hemianopia and you get Fatigue and depression. You also develop Hemispatial Neglect, reduce awareness of stimuli on one side, usually the left. This makes sense to the human body and it interacts with the brain. Having a stroke really affects a person negatively because you loose yourself as a person and you don’t function the same. This is to show how important cognitive principles are to our everyday life.  Without it we really are nothing!!!