Broca’s Aphasia and Agrammatism

The article I picked discussed the interior frontal lobe and its functions. The research question posed whether or not the interior frontal lobe was responsible for grammatical and morphological processing (irregular and regular verbs, visual tasks, etc.) in bilingual individuals. Specifically for this study they chose two individuals who spoke both Spanish and Catalan. Using a SPECT (Single Photon Emission Computon Tomography) scan, they were both experiencing some trouble in areas like verb and picture naming.

Balaguer, R., Costa, A., Sebastián-Galles, N., Juncadella, M., Caramazza, A. (2004) Regular and irregular morphology and its relationship with agrammatism: Evidence from two Spanish-Catalan bilinguals. Brain and Language, 91(2), 212-222.