Protecting and Enhancing Eyewitness Memory

Hope, L., Gabbert, F., Fisher, R. P., & Jamieson, K. (2014). Protecting and Enhancing Eyewitness Memory: The Impact of an Initial Recall Attempt on Performance in an Investigative Interview. Applied Cognitive Psychology, 28(3), 304-313.

This article stresses the importance of protecting and enhancing eyewitness memory by focusing on two particular forms of evidence- gathering, SAI and free recall (FR). In order to make this study successful it was designed to have sixty participants view a videotaped staged crime and then be randomly split into three groups (SAI, control or FR). Afterwards all participants watched a stimulus event, and the SAI and FR group were asked to recall the experience immediately. A week later all three groups were given a cognitive interview and the results found that SAI facilitated a higher quality initial recall as well as significantly higher total correct than the other groups.