Divided Attention: Multitasking

Paying proper attention to what we’re doing is very important because that attention determines whether we’re actually going be able to remember what we’re doing or not. Attention regulates what gets learned and gets coded into a memory for future use. Not paying attention to something while doing so, will only be time consuming and you won’t be able to learn or remember about it. Switching your attention back and forth while doing a task, you’re juggling. When you juggle, your work suffers and takes longer for you to finish the task. You might think you’re getting a few things done all at once, but in reality, you’re just spending more time doing work that wont be as satisfying because the quality of it won’t be as good. If you single task, your work will be amazing, and you can take care of the rest of the tasks individually and see how it changes your life. Multitasking while driving is another issue in our world today. Multitasking like texting and driving can cost people’s lives. Is it really worth that one text? Can’t it wait for you to stop at a red signal possibly? Just think about the consequences of multitasking and make changes because multitasking in affecting all of us negatively in our everyday lives.


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