Meditation and Brain Loss

Last week I published an article about meditation and brain loss today i found a much more in depth look at the study. Researchers at the University of California in Los Angeles made a controlled experiment comparing two groups of people. The first group of people practiced meditation for a prolonged period in their life and the second a control group. The study found the in the control group the individuals sowed a much steeper decrease in brain volume. Although you can’t lay blame on meditation solely it seems that people who meditate seem to live healthier life styles in general which leads to a decreased amount out brain volume loss.


One thought on “Meditation and Brain Loss

  1. Thank for posting this website! It was really interesting to read more about the importance and influence of meditation! I’ve never done it before but I recently started taking Hot Yoga classes and I find them extremely useful to just focus on myself for an hour and not think about anything else. I believe everyone would eventually enjoy it because in the society we live in, it is often really hard to empt our minds, as we usually overthink and worry about many different things.
    I suggest to try it, because it has both short-term and long-term positive effects on our health.



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