“Music, Thinking, Perceived Motion: The Emergence of Gestalt Theory”

I was originally interested in this article because the title somewhat grabbed my attention. We all know that gestalt psychology allows us to comprehend the laws of our brain’s capacity to gain perceptions of the world we live in. The article mostly speaks about how Max Wertheimer’s paper had introduced gestalt theory that was written on phi phenomenon. Max Wertheimer’s phi phenomenon was believed to be the “founder” of Gestalt psychology. I did not feel like I’ve understood the musical aspect of this article, but according to the article, his paper on phi phenomenon was the first paper to talk about rhythmic-melodic construction of songs from a Gestalt perspective.

Wertheimer, M. (2014). Music, Thinking, Perceived Motion: The Emergence of Gestalt Theory. Hist Psychol,17(2):131-3. doi: 10.1037/a0035765