Choice Blindness

I found an excerpt on a video documentary on how people are not aware of their choice blindness. I chose this because it relates to what we discussed in class with the example of the  jam experiment. In this experiment two researchers showed how some people don’t recognize choices that they make. They showed different people two pictures and asked them to choose which one was more attractive to them. The researcher would give the participants the cards they chose but sometimes they would switch the card to the opposite one that they didn’t choose. At the end some if not all didn’t even realize that the cards they had were not the ones they originally picked, they thought that they had picked those cards themselves like the rest. (website explaining the experiment)



One thought on “Choice Blindness

  1. I found this experiment very intriguing for the same two points the researcher brings up 1) not noticing the card switch 2) the motive of choice they didn’t make. I found it astonishing that 80% didn’t pick up on the trick. its funny how we make choices and post rationalize


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