Attention Deficit Disorder


Let them help you when they can’t even help themselves? SURE!


2 thoughts on “Attention Deficit Disorder

  1. I liked this – it’s funny! Why did you choose it? How do you think it relates to class? Also, it should probably be categorized differently since its not about Gestalt Psychology.


  2. In this psychologist’s ad, I think he’s trying to demonstrate how “attention deficient disorder” is plays out on a person.

    The main focus was showing us that if we need help with the attention disorder to contact him, the psychologist. However, somehow what he said in the ad led to something else; different subjects about restaurants, food and mother in law, ending in saying that they’re not paying attention to the way the food is made.

    Now, the person that see’s this ad in the street and thinks they might have the disorder but clearly paid attention to everything that the psychologist said might think twice about seeing the psychologist. I think this ad is the first test from the psychologist for it’s first patient.


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