This topic and illustration above is interesting to me and difficult to understand at the same time. It goes back to how the brain works and no matter what the individual is not able to complete the left side of the picture, It’s like the left side doesn’t exist to them. This concept is still mind-blowing!  Hemineglect occurs when there is damage on the right parietal lobes in which in the images above the left side is missing. This article explains that besides objects the individual can also forget about the other side of their arms, legs etc. This article states that researchers are still trying to find an example to why the brain functions that way. The amount of damage that’s done on the brain determines what an individual would do. There was an example stating if someone is in a wheelchair their left side ultimately results in a lot of bruises but a man was given a cat and if the cat was to play near the left wheel of his chair he never moved the wheelchair and when he was asked why, he would never say because of the cat because he didn’t know. So my question is are there other senses detecting the cat? If so, how if the left side doesn’t exist! Another great example in the article was with a man who’s limbs on his left side were weak, this is usually the result for patients who have Hemineglect but if the patient is to eat and a fly is to land on their face their left arm is able to automatically shoo the fly away. I can still sit here asking how but this topic is interesting.

-Rosanna Reyes