“Hemispherectomy: Long-Term functional outcomes and their predictors after Hemispherectomy in 115 children”

Moose, N.V.A., Jehi, L., Marashly, A., Cosmo, G., Lachlan, D., Wyllie, E., . . . Gupta, A. (2013). Long-term functional outcomes and their predictors after hemipsherectomy in 115 children. Epilepsia, 54(10):1771-1779. Doi: 10.1111/epi.12342

This article was interesting and relates to the topics we covered in class about the brain and what are some effects of removing one cerebral hemisphere. Hemispherectomy is a surgical procedure that it done to remove half of the brain. I wanted to find more information about this topic therefore, I found this article in which the research question was to find  the long-term functional outcomes for people who had the procedure done. In order to conduct the research they reviewed about 186 cases and to collect data they used EEG, MRI’s and questionnaires. They measured the individuals reading skills, behavioral problems, visual symptoms and language. They found after 6 years from the procedure, 56% of the group they studied didn’t have seizures again. They found that 36% of the group had seizures that occurred again. The researchers found many people had satisfactory language and reading skills. This article was interesting because although many people didn’t receive seizures again after having half of their brain removed, difficulties varied on either their walking ability, reading or language skills and vision.

-Rosanna Reyes