Inattentional Blindness

The other day I was discussing with one of my colleagues the class lecture regarding inattentional blindness. We joked and agreed that we tend to do this all the time, especially at work. She asked me if I’ve ever noticed that scene in pretty woman where Julia Roberts is sitting at the table eating a croissant and in the next scene it’s a pancake. Of course I said no because I wasn’t looking at it in that much detail. She mentioned that someone else pointed it out to her (she never really pays attention to anything so I knew it couldn’t be her to notice). So I looked it up and she was right!


One thought on “Inattentional Blindness

  1. Funny! Right after read your post, I went and watched that part of pretty woman and i noticed the same thing. Wow! I have watched this movie so many times and I never noticed it. Maybe i should start paying more ATTENTION.


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