For how long do we really pay attention to a specific task?

The attention span of humans, as time passes by is decreasing a lot more everyday. Attention, comes from being able to focus on a specific task, and attending to it fully. In the 21th century that we are living in today, gadgets like smartphones, computers, tablets, and even video game consoles are taking over our concentration. People no longer have decent conversations for an example, you can be on a date with who ever;and your most likely to pay attention to your facebook page, instagram post or even text message, before you can gasp was was being said to you five minutes ago. Technology has our minds trapped and blocked, It also has us thinking that being able to “multitask”, is a way of being able to pay attention to one or two things at the same time. From reading this article, I’ve learned that the human attention span has dropped tremendously to even five minutes of focusing time.

Here is the article I found interesting! please enjoy!


One thought on “For how long do we really pay attention to a specific task?

  1. Very interesting article. I couldn’t agree more that things such as facebook and twitter have changed how we interact as human beings. It seems like normal day to day conversations are “140 characters or less” which isn’t something to be proud of. Unfortunately, technology will only make humans more and more distant in the future, so lets hope some people will still enjoy some good old face to face conversation.


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