Flashbulb memory

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This article explains and defines flash memory. Flashbulb memory are “vivid, precise, concrete memories” that we have because something tragic or something huge had happened that it has seared in to our brains. They are not concrete, photographic memories but they are retold over and over again because that memory is associated with something big that affected your life.



One thought on “Flashbulb memory

  1. This article provides greats examples on how the occurrence of certain events in our life, impact, shape, and form our flashbulb memory. I thought this was interesting, because even historical events are a perfect example of how flashbulb memory works. We will never forget the events, because of the effect it had on us. The fact that these events are retold to us over a lifetime leaves an imprint in our memory. Even the details of our location, who was there, and what we were doing stick with us in flashbulb memory.


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