How to memorize things more quickly

This site tells you steps to memorize things quickly. Apparently, There are three types of learning, which are auditory, visual, and experiential. First, you need to find out what type of learner you are so that you can plan how to memorize things effectively. I am a visual learner, so I tend to write, re-write, and read over what I wrote to memorize. People who are auditory learner could record things to memorize and listen to them over and over. Overall, I believe it is important to recognize the type of learning that is most appropriate and repeat the process to store the knowledge into LTS.


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  1. These tips seem like they are good for helping your memory. These tips have to do with retrieval and rehearsing. I think these tips would be good for me because I have a bad memory so these tips might help when it comes to studying for tests.


  2. I am also a visual learner but definitely with some experimental learning as well. Whenever I study I have to write and rewrite the material. Although it has to be organized in a way that makes sense to me.. I will be more likely to pick up material if it is presented to me in a way that I can relate to my life. The experimental learning ways are usually helpful also since it allows to imprint mistakes and try not to repeat the same mistakes. I will never be able to memorize material just by reading is dry from a textbook or slide.

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