Memory Loss and the Brain

This site provides two memory test one is visual, and the other is verbal, your results are then compared to the scores of people who have taken the same test in a laboratory setting. These test can be taken as many times as you like, and its more for the purpose of amusement, and not to be taken too serious. Even if you score is low it doesn’t provide as much accuracy as testing in a neurological laboratory to properly diagnose yourself by professionals. Both test take 10-15 minutes and depend on how long you take to answer each question. Its is best taken in a quiet setting in which you will not be disturbed to get the best accurate score you can get.


One thought on “Memory Loss and the Brain

  1. I like this test, the second part is trickier like it is mentioned on the website. I feel this test is related to sensory memory- iconic memory because in the first part you give a response to the words and since you are only focusing on the response on how the word affects you, you are not going to try to remember the words, you will just glance at it to answer the question. The second part asks you to recall all the words on your own and the third part asks you to remember the words while showing you the words and you get your score on how well you do on your recall and recognition.


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