“You’re My Wife, I Hit The Jackpot”

I came across this video that is just hilarious.  In the last class, there was little discussion about waking from surgery after being under anesthesia.  This guy woke up from his surgery and he really didn’t remember anything at that moment.  His response to his wife is just so funny!!!


3 thoughts on ““You’re My Wife, I Hit The Jackpot”

  1. This video sure is funny. Although I think you meant ‘anesthesia’, not ‘amnesia’? There are lots of other clips about memory or cognitive impairment after waking up from anesthesia. This is one of the rare side effect of anesthesia, which disappear in few hours, but some people experience longer impairment or permanent impairment. I don’t know the reason for this phenomenon, but it does tell us that anesthesia somewhat affect our brain. This site lists all the possible side effects of anesthesia.


  2. I had a breast reduction done, gallbladder removal, and a surgery to stop a bile leakage, and when I woke up from being under anesthesia, I didn’t remember much. However, it didn’t take long for it to come back.


  3. This is interesting, because you can see he is clearly out of it and has some kind of memory loss but still finds his wife attractive and considers himself lucky when he learns he’s married to her. So even though he doesn’t remember who she is he is still interested in her so I see this going a little deeper than just memory, his emotions (maybe of his memories?) are kicking back and to him his wife is still appealing and there is some chemistry happening. I thought this is pretty cool!


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