False memory and Interrogations

Here is an article that summarizes a study conducted in the UK regarding episodic memory manipulation ( False memories). It’s some fascinating stuff! I began reading it and thought to myself ” no way I could ever be convinced of doing something I didn’t do”, but the research doesn’t lie!



One thought on “False memory and Interrogations

  1. This article of false memories and interrogations is interesting because the interrogations with false memory I believe can lead to traumatic stress. The interrogations can leave a innocent person in doubt or thinking if something went wrong with them during the time the crime was committed and maybe they just didn’t remember.
    When interrogation their are specific tactics that need to be taken, the most important of all is knowing how to read micro expressions and from there it can be easier to find out the truth.
    Great article you picked, it can probably help interrogators be more wise with helping them find the truth, it can also help the person not being interrogated by not leaving a traumatic experience if innocent.


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