Memory Retrieval

Memory retrieval

This cartoon made me laugh because you if I were the man on the receiving end of that conversation I would run. There was a video that i saw about a women who could recall every single memory and she was constantly reliving her past heart aches and frustrations. Being able to recall every memory you’ve ever had leaves you access to the great memories but its the ones that effect us negatively that you can recall the easiest. I am happy to forget somethings.


2 thoughts on “Memory Retrieval

  1. Having perfect memory would absolutely be a nightmare! You would remember every bad thing that happened and it will never fade away. My little brother has the best memory I ever witnessed. He can memorize anything and always brings up old embarrassing moments that occurred to me!


  2. i feel we all process information the same way the guy on the left does however its value we give to the information in the memory which makes it easier or not to recall the memory


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