Memory retrieval through Hypnosis

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I find the study of memory very stimulating especially because, through my personal readings, a deep interest in Regression and Hypnosis. I totally understand that a lot of people are often skeptical because it is a recent study and also because we all have different religious beliefs. But I still find challenging getting to know more about how hypnosis works.

I find this article

very explanatory and interesting as it explains also how retrieving information and memories from the past, help us to understand our journey and to improve our quality life. Some of our strongest personality features come from past lives, but we don’t know it unless we challenge our selves to free our mind and really dig deep into our past.

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  1. This article is definitely interesting. I didn’t know that Hypnosis has been used for centuries for pain control, including during the Civil War when Army surgeons hypnotized injured soldiers.

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