Serial Podcast Info.

Hey everyone,

Incase anyone is interested, here is the Serial website we were talking about today. You can listen to the the podcast through the website or download it from itunes. It is all free downloading and AMAZING!

Check it out!!

**Also for those of you that are already Serial fans! Here is an update on Adnan Syed. Here is an article from NPR , about the appeal granted for him this past February.

Enjoy guys, its a great way to utilize your train ride!


One thought on “Serial Podcast Info.

  1. I am so grateful to have been introduced to this podcast! As a transfer student and transfer of majors from child psych to forensic this couldn’t have come into my life at a better moment!

    In the beginning I was struggling with the fact how Adnan just simply couldn’t remember that day – but learning about memory and listening to the podcast allowed me to look at the whole case in a different way. Yes, Koenig does an incredible job explaining all of the details and yes you begin to think that yeah this guy is innocent and if has not the story the defense created against his is totally weak and there has to be more of the truth and that Adnan has to know and remember something at least a little bit! So learning about how our memory works allowed me to stop myself and think no, no he really might not remember a thing about that day. If he really didn’t kill her it really is just another day and memory of that day can no longer be there. Anyway I’m super excited to see how the appeal goes!


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