Serial Position Effect

I found this graph and I thought it was very interesting. It clarified the fact that most people, if given a list of words will remember the first or the last words(primacy vs recency). It shows that the percent recall of the words in the middle were very low because our STM can only hold 7 plus or minus 2 things in it at once, so it is almost impossible to remember every word on a list of 20. This clarified what we were talking about in class on Wednesday and shows that we will only remember a certain amount of things, especially when they are given at a fast pace and are unimportant.


One thought on “Serial Position Effect

  1. My question is who do you think did it? How can anyone not remember an important factor in their life like their girlfriend being missing regardless if they were broken up. This makes no sense because you will remember this even cause it has to do with a significant love one that you loved or once did. There’s no way that he couldn’t remember or react quickly to the situation. Can it be that he blank out when him and jay both killed her. What exactly is the mystery of jay and Anad. They were both high and how can just one memory function better than the other. Anad was known to be a smart boy, smart enough not to remember anything but his friends bday?


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