Bad Memory?

Just like in the commercials, it’s funny how something that you’d think would be high on someones memory list is not. Granted he probably remembers everything that happened the day of their wedding (assuming that’s the kind on anniversary she’s talking about) but just not the actual date. Crazy

3 thoughts on “Bad Memory?

  1. This post is pretty funny and very accurate. Many people can remmeber dates and specific details of a day. As you said, many people remember what happened but not the actual date. He probably encoded other things that he found interesteiing and entertaining that day but didn’t pay close attention to the date at the moment.


  2. HAHAHA, this definitely had me laughing hard. The odd part about it is, this is a everyday thing with some guys. A lot of guys don’t remember their anniversary date and being that a anniversary is truly important in everyone’s life, I wonder why guys don’t remember it? My daddy was married to my mommy for 15yrs and he could not remember their anniversary date if it saved his life. They’ve been divorced now for over 15yrs and my mommy still remembers it and my daddy still don’t remember it.


  3. ahaha probably if someone aks him what he did on june 5th 93′ he wouldn’t have any flashbulb symptom! LOL


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