Anterograde Amnesia and Retrograde Amnesia

Hello Everyone,

I found two videos related to what we talked about in class on Monday. The first video is an example of someone with anterograde amnesia just like the case of Henry Molaison that we talked about in class.

If you saw this movie years ago then this clip might seem familiar to you. The female main character in this movie (Lucy) got into an  car accident (which is explained in this clip).Because of the car accident she suffered brain damage thus receiving anterograde amnesia. She can only remember the day of her accident and she does the same thing everyday. For this character she can experience new things but once she goes to sleep she her brain starts reliving the day of her accident. Toward the end of the clip we see her meeting a patient with a similar condition as her but his memory only lasts 10 seconds. I think it’s possible for what happened to the female main character to happen to anyone with this condition but whether or not it can happen to someone in the exact same way i think it’s a good example of showing how this can affect someone.

The second video i found shows an example of retrograde amnesia. In the video, a former NFL player Scott Bolzan. He also got into an accident but with his accident he lost all the memories he had prior to that moment. He mentioned in the video that he felt his memories slipping away. In addition to losing his memory he lost basic abilities such as being able to speak or read and also basic concepts about life such as love or marriage. He had to relearn most things. The clips shows how his wife and daughter and even the doctors on the show tried to jog his memory of the past. Either with pictures like we see the daughter show him. Or either videos like the doctors showed him of his wedding day to see his reaction. He says that even though he can see what they show him in regard to his past he doesn’t remember it but he can see that it is him in the picture or video but has no memory towards that event. Towards the end of the clip Scott says that before he used to take everything that his wife and daughter said to him and just believe that what they said is what had to be or is completely true/right, but he said that he started challenging some of the things that they tell him. I think that it is good that Scott doesn’t take everything that his wife or daughter says as the complete truth in regard to somethings because their version of events can make him have false memories on what he did or did not do or like since he is unable to remember the memory on his own.