The World Wide Mind Sport of Memory

I looked up the memory championship games because I was interested in what was expected of the contestants and i found an extensive list of disciplines that they had to master in order to win this competition. The list is as follows:

1. Spoken Numbers
2. Playing Cards
3. Historic / Future Dates
4. Binary Numbers
5. Random Words
6. Abstract Images
7. Names and Faces
8. Random Numbers
9. Speed Numbers
10. Speed Cards

The best part about these memory games is that it brings several countries together Sweden, Germany, Mongolia, China, Indonesia, and many more with 28 countries in total. These games not only demonstrate a togetherness of people but that memory is something that many people can master. I added this video of that last championship winner from the UK who tells a little bit of his journey towards mastering his memory.


One thought on “The World Wide Mind Sport of Memory

  1. I found this post interesting because we can train the mind and choose to remember what we would like to remember. Personally, I used to do bad on exams because I felt like the information I tried to remember always got forgotten, now I have a process in which I would have to re-write all my notes, review it and then teach it to myself or someone else. I believe this is the psychological part in which the information becomes an importance to me. I’m able to understand, repeat and do well on exams because I challenge my mind to do more work than what it was doing. Just like the people who train themselves for these competitions they find a quick and easy way to retain a lot of information.

    -Rosanna Reyes


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