A Reaction Post on 1st Ep. of Serial Podcast

By now we all know a lot about how our memories work. Serial mentioned how if a significant event happens to a person, they tend to remember them more than the events that meant nothing to them. For example, going to school or work. I didn’t think serial would be that interesting, but I really liked as I was listening to it. I wanted to know more and more about the case because the names were so catchy. I have a friends named Adnan, Jay and Rabia; I just thought it was funny how their names made me want to listen to the podcast more. That part of Adnan’s “dual personality” life is something that I could relate to. It’s a common thing, and I never thought something like that could be used against you in cases like this. When Jay was talking, I didn’t believe a thing he said because he had no emotion whatsoever. He was so monotoned. He sounded like he was making up the story as he was telling it. I’m not saying that I believe everything Adnan was saying either, but I sure know for a fact that a person is incapable of murdering another person while fasting in the Month of Ramadan. But then again, I might be a little biased because we’re followers of the same religion. But as I was listening, I wasn’t sure who was lying and who was being honest. It’s a mind game. I’m definitely going to catch up on rest of the podcast when I get a chance.