Cases of Amnesia


I was trying to decide what I wanted to post about and as I was studying and reading about amnesia, and specifically retrograde amnesia, I decided to talk about something more personal that I happen to have lived ad still live close to.

Both my grandpas were affected by some kind of amnesia, the difference between them is that one presented anterograde amnesia, he could remember specific episodes of his life, especially when he was really young, but unfortunately he was not able to produce language, probably because of other brain damages at the Broca’s area. He was only able to remember some names and eventually recognize some faces. In his case I think that this problems are related to two silent strokes he had since his illness started.

My other grandpa, who is still alive, presents instead the loss of new information, the inability to encode new memories. This is probably related to damages to the hippocampus. He also has hard times in the production of language but also in the comprehension of language when written. In this other case I believe the damages to different brain’s areas are related to the tumor he had at his lungs and the hypoxia (inability of the oxygen to reach the brain) he presents.

I know this post does not have the best mood, but I really wanted to analyze personal cases and see how much this class can help us to improve our cognition of life and awareness.

Now I know that I can be mad at my mom when she gets mad at his dad because he does not remember whatever she told hi the day before. He is not the one to blame and we need to be more understanding of this problems and learn how to deal with it, because luckily we still have the faculty and the ability to do so.

What if one day we are going to end up in the same situate? Would we want people to treat us like that?

I sure wouldn’t.



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  1. Hey Guila, I found it very brave of you to post something personal that can relate to the class. Its not your Grandfathers fault that he cannot remember things, thats one of the early signs of aging, losing your memory. Its a very touchy subject since you probably had lot of memories with your grandfather and he might not remember them. No one should get mad at him, its not like he chooses not to remember these events. I saw a commercial about an elderly woman experiencing Alzheimers, her granddaughter sung her her favorite song which brought her some memories back. The commercial was very touching. Im sure you can take this advice and bring up and old memory that your grandfather once knew. It might just bring him back.
    Hope this helps šŸ™‚

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