How to Improve Your Memory

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While researching memory related article I found this really interesting Health guide to improve your memory. On this Website they give you tips on how to boost the power of your brain. It wasn’t a surprise to me that some of the tips are to sleep, to eat healthy and finding time to relax, since your memory works a lot better if both your body and your mind are healthy.

– Isbely Cabral 🙂


3 thoughts on “How to Improve Your Memory

  1. Thanks for posting this article. I myself practice a similar lifestyle of exercising and keeping my mind and body at peace. My memort had gotten better but not by a lot! I eliminated harsh processed foods and drink cleansing teas and I habe to say it really does work. Another great way to practice your memory is the game Lumosity. Its a great 15 minute brain exercise that helps me remember things. Anyway, I read your article and now I will try to incorporate these helpful tricks to improve memory!

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  2. Also it is considered very important to sleep after studying because during sleep our brains store the info we learned while studying and store them in our long term memory. Thats why it’s better not to study overnight or to take little breaks in between. It only helps us consolidate our memory and improve our performance!

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  3. This is a pretty good article. I can speak from experiment that sleeping plays a pretty good part in our memory. There’s time that I only get four or five hours of sleep because I stay up late doing school work and the next morning I have to wake up at 6am, get my kids ready for school, myself read for work, take the kids to school, I have to go to work, etc. By me not getting enough of sleep, I see myself not remembering things that I should know, especially when I go to work, and I will constantly repeat the same questions.


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