Retrieve memories


I was looking for something to post about memory, but I didn’t want to post anything too dramatic as it is already a very complicated topic of discussion and  study.

So I found this picture, I think it’s fun and it explains some of the theories we talked about in class such as the use of schemata, because we or better our brains construct frameworks to help us retrieve easily the information previously stored and to connect them with  and to new stimuli.

Also sometimes it is easier for us o remember thing if we connect them to other objects we are reminded of or that we are more familiar with. We could cal this process ” Paired associate learning” where the object is metaphorically associated with something else.

But another term that could define the process even more is retrieval cues, because associating the phoneme with the shape of the ball and also the function of it can help remember the meaning of the single french word.

I hope this was interesting and helped remember this terms before the test.