Bodily Posture May Affect Memory, Learning

Our way of gaining knowledge can be affected by our posture in our early developmental stages. Scientist began using robots and infants in their studies to see how cognition connects to the body. The robots were created to see and replicate how children learn and develop. Our relationship to the body and the surrounding world affects how we are able to build thoughts, learn words, and the representation of objects. The scientist noticed how children use their body positions in space to connect ideas and gain knowledge.


2 thoughts on “Bodily Posture May Affect Memory, Learning

  1. I wonder if there has been a study on yoga participants and whether or not they have a better memory than someone who is not as active or involved in posture. I would predict that there may be an increase in chronic yogi’s and even people who exercise regularly.


    • That is a great suggestion. After reading this post and comment I had to find out for myself if Yoga has something to do with memory improvement and I found an article based on this idea. They did an experiment where they took people who had memory loss and prescribed 12 minutes of kirtan kriya (a form of meditation in Yoga) every day. After eight weeks, scan results showed that after the meditation, the “blood flow to the frontal lobe—the area responsible for attention, concentration, and focus is improved.”


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