Classical View of Concepts

Hey Class,

Here is an image I found very interesting, it helps me understand the classical concept a bit more. As you can see there are four different pictures of what a “tree” is suppose to look like. They have different shapes, but they all contain the same characteristics that make up a tree. All four images have green on the top to represent the “leaves”, and some type of brown at the bottom to represent the “trunk”. The very last drawing at the bottom is the foundation, it states that all the other four images on the top make up a tree, because they revolve around the concept of what a tree consist of.


Julio C Rodriguez



2 thoughts on “Classical View of Concepts

  1. I really loved this post because when I saw it I thought “wow that’s a tree” and then I saw even more trees. This gave me comfort in knowing my brain is working perfectly. Thank you for that

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  2. This is interesting because essentially they are all trees but there is no specific tree. It helps me better understand

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