How to Fight the Forgetting Curve

I was researching the forgetting curve and came up with some fun and interesting ways to retain information, commit them to memory, and retrieve them easier. So the first step is repeat what it is you want to remember out loud or in you’re mind 5 times every 30 minutes for 5 hours a day. I know this method seems silly but it works. Second method is to pick a family member of close friend and as and as loud as you can scream what it is you want to remember at them several times until you commit the phrase or word to memory. This works because its funny and you get to piss someone else off and odds are because you made them angry they will remember it also and tell it back to you. The last method is telling a close family member or friend, when you least expect it to scare you, using the phrase or word you want to remember. The odds are that you’ll remember what it is want to commit memory because when your amygdala or emotional response part of you’re brain will be activated and and the trauma of being scared won’t let you forget.

OK guys I am glad I could help, you’re welcome, now go piss off you’re friends and siblings.


One thought on “How to Fight the Forgetting Curve

  1. I like your methods! It’s funny and I am sure it would help memory retrieval better. I do use your first method for myself, which is rehearsal. Your second method is hilarious and I believe it is related to mood-dependent memory retrieval cue. Thank you for sharing your methods and good luck for the test today!


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