Eyewitness Misidentification


Marvin Anderson was convicted of rape, abduction, sodomy, and robbery, largely on the basis of an eyewitness misidentification.  Anderson was sentenced to 210 years prison but he only served 15 years in prison before DNA testing proved his innocence and won his freedom. The sad part about this case is, basically the rapist told the lady that he raped, that he had a white girlfriend.  Being that Anderson was the only black male that had a white girlfriend in that area, he was considered a suspect, and eventually charge for a crime that he did not commit.


2 thoughts on “Eyewitness Misidentification

  1. This video was interesting! What makes it more interesting is that this happens all the time. Things like mistaken identity happens all the time too. There was a case where a victim actually picked out the wrong person in a picture lineup.


  2. This posting was very interesting. It’s unfortunate that this actually happens all the time. So many people convicted on a crime that they did not commit. Just the information that was given, such as rapist had a white girlfriend. It led to the victim to think because Anderson had a white girlfriend, he was the rapist. Luckily Anderson is now free from crime he didn’t convicted although he lost 19 years of his life.


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