False Memories


Hi mates!

As I was going over the chapters, I thought this topic to be really interesting because, to be honest, I had the same experience many times. Did you?

This picture explains in a funny way the result of false memory, showing how our brain is able to make up memories that look real to us but they are not real or related to facts happened in real life. The guy in the picture indeed suggest to find another excuse because, while going through his e-mails he could not find any proof of his friend’s message.

Why did he then believed he actually delivered it? Maybe other concept of memory are included in the discussion. Sometimes, we are used to repeat the same action over and over that it becomes part of our routine and automatic memory, so we assume we already did it. Consequently our brain stores the false memory as something that happened, when it did NOT.

I hope this post was interesting and somehow funny.


PS: Break a Leg!


4 thoughts on “False Memories

  1. This picture is funny! It’s interesting that a lot of the time, people have false memories.

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  2. Hilarious. And sadly I have been there where it comes to sending messages or informing someone to do something. It sucks

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  3. I agree with this post and commented on another about a personal experience in which I believed I paid something that I didn’t. It’s interesting to how the brain can develop false memories and make it feel so real. Details and events are then explained and recalled meanwhile it didn’t happen. Great post!

    -Rosanna Reyes

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  4. This post is hilarious. As the pervious posting I commented on relates to this one as well. Usually when you’re multitasking, like responding to emails and one little interruption occurs, and you go back to responding emails, theres a pretty good chance you’re gonna forget where you were. As the cartoon saws “I’m sure i sent an email” it’s sort of a truth/false memory implantation.

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